This project started with a customer bring me 2 kindle 3rd generation e readers want one fixed. His original was dropped and broke the power switch. The other one he bought for parts it had a broken screen. The other difference between the 2 devices besides the broken parts was the original was a 3g model and the broken screen one was WiFi only model. I didn’t know that until after I had them apart. The 3g model is also one they bought while over seas.

So I popped some covers open to see what I could do. The first ideas was to try to replace just the power switch but that didn’t work because the power button is integrated into some kind of a substrate that the circuit board is attached to. My next idea then was to just swap the guts in them. I put the good screen with the WiFi only guts and it worked.

But I wasn’t quite satisfied with losing the 3g function. I took them apart a little farther removing both boards from the substrate and put one back together with the good screen, good power switch, and original 3g guts. Did not power on ouch. Tired reconnecting the little ribbon cables and connections but still no good. In the end I went back to the working setup with the good screen, WiFi only guts, and good power switch.

The customer gets a working unit just minus the 3g function.

Tools of the trade just one little Phillips screw driver and plastic pry tool to get the case off. On the plus side the battey is very easily replaced if that was the problem. Nothing was glued down like you find with apple products. Some things had some double sided tap was all.


I wasn’t thinking when I started the job so these photos were taken after the fact with the leftover parts