A future relative of Apple’s siri and Microsoft’s cortana will replace the majority of people for customer service call center jobs. There are a number of innovations currently under way that will conspire to make this possible. Think about it, a lot of time when you call customer service today the call is already being answered by an automated system that tries to router you to the right place. These automated systems are just a few years away from being sufficiently smart enough to do a lot more than just route your call. In no particular order here are some thoughts on it:

  • Skype can translate voice calls in real time between people. Understanding natural language won’t be a problem for this future call center AI
  • Google just updated its robot voice used in the ok google app to sound more human and smooth. This future call center AI won’t sound like a robot.
  • All calls to the call center AI will be answered on the first ring. Because the call center AI will be instances running in the cloud you will never be put on hold. The number of instances needed will be dynamically load balanced to the number of calls coming in.
  • It will be like you are talking to the same AI rep every time whether that was last week or last year. Because all calls are recorded for quality the call center AI will be able to bring up all your previous conversations with the company.
  • Call center AI will replace humans for call center jobs because the will be much cheaper. They don’t need health insurance, lunch breaks, or vacations. You can turn them off when there is low call volume.
  • They will take up less space, dozens of instances will probably run from a single server rack. Completely on demand customer service 24/7 even on holidays.
  • There is a high probability the reason you’ll be calling in will be technology related. The call center AI being a robot will easily be able to talk to and or analyze the piece of technology your calling in about. Like the AI rep of a internet service provider telling your modem or computer to restart or talking with a 3rd party AI to send a software update to your device.


Kevin Kelly recently said in a talk at sxsw that these future AI things need 3 things…. Neural Nets( simulated brain functions), a mountains of cheap processor power to at as the virtual nurons in the form of gpu chips, and big data which call center have mountains of will all the calls they have been recording for the AI to learn against. But I think this is good like he says at the end jobs like should go to robots. Human should have better things to spend their time on than being chained to a desk.